Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Great Grapes Wine Festival

How to survive pharmacy school? Reward yourself with fun events on the weekend with good people. I have been working very hard in school lately. October is an exam/quiz packed month. In order to make it through I have to give myself goals and rewards. 

I found out about the Great Grapes Wine Festival from a classmate who has attended for the past couple years. I am a festival junkie. I think they are so much fun and there are so many different types of festivals out there. I knew that a couple of my classmates would jump at the idea of attending a local wine festival! So we organized a group and bought our tickets!

Great Grapes was at the local park in Charlotte and had dozens of local wineries that came together to show off their product. We went around to most of the booths and tasted until we found our favorite bottle. We each bought different wines and settled down on a grassy knoll, shared, chatted, and laughed. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon. 

My favorite wineries that I tried were Southern Charm and Autumn Creek Vineyards. Southern Charm Vineyards specialized in sweet reds, which I normally don't care for, but they were very delicious. They had a seasonal christmas wine that was infused with cranberries and a delicious sangria. Autumn Creek had a white blend (pino and moscoto) called Diamond Girl that I really enjoyed. The two wines balanced each other out and created a clean, crisp wine that is very drinkable on a hot afternoon. 

I think I want to visit a winery for my birthday. They are all over the state and look like a lot of fun! North Carolina has so much to do! I am having a great time and can't wait to stumble across another fun festival.

Here are some photos from the Great Grapes Wine Festival:

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