Monday, October 1, 2012

Apartment Living

I know this post is a little late! But I wanted to give you all a look into our beautiful apartment. Corrine (my roommate) and I are on a tight pharmacy budget. But we knew we wanted our apartment to feel and look like a home. We embarked on a journey to find deals and make pinterest projects to add life to our apartment - for cheap! I think we were pretty successful. Here are some photos of our living room and kitchen. 

We found that beautiful antique mirror at a very nice consignment (like the nicest consignment shop I have ever been into. It looked like a pier one!) shop for $20.00! Most mirrors this size range around $60  at least! We also found that floor lamp at Kirklands for $20.00 as well. Corrine's family donated those couches to our apartment! We are very thankful. They are super comfy and we found a light blue in the pattern and decided to use that as our color theme in our apartment. The pillows and curtains we got at Homegoods. I just love homegoods. Together we got them for $40!

Now the pinterest projects begin. Have you seen that diy project where you paint the inside of the vase to make it look like pottery? Well that's what we did! We found different sizes and shapes of vases from the dollar store and just painted the inside different shades of brown and blue to tie in the color theme of our apartment. We also did the pinterest diy project where you fill a tray with coffee beans and put a blue candle inside.

AND, do you see that tall straw looking thing in the corner by the arm chair? That is Corrine's favorite find - $13 at Kirklands. It has all the colors of our apartment and adds height. We love it!

Our kitchen is simple and plain. We may add some more decorations with time!

This is another one of our favorite pieces. The mosaic wall piece was a steel at Homegoods for only $20! It once again incorporated all the colors of our apartment!

Artificial do you feel about them? I have always had fake trees in my house. My mom was OBSESSED. It adds brightness and height to your room without the responsibility of keeping the plant alive. BUT, fake plants are outrageously $60!! We found that tree in the corner of the store and it was $25. We were like SCORE and got it!

Hope you like our decoration and humble abode :) We are super proud of it and we each other spent $100 to decorate the entire apartment! I say that we did a great job! It will probably be our home for the next three years.

Hope y'all have a great Monday! 

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  1. I have to say that I recognize a few things from 1890 in there!