Food is something that instantly makes me smile. In my family, making good meal is a way of saying "I love you". Food brings people together. Food is necessary for life. Food is delicious. Overall, how can you not love food? 

Here lies the issue - the love hate relationship with food. I would love to eat a bag of Oreos right now, but I will probably regret that decision later when I feel like crap. I hated feeling guilty after eating "junk food" and I decided that I was going to only have a love relationship with food. I would choose healthy, delicious, and nutrient dense foods to incorporate into my diet every day. I would also include some sort of physical exercise daily. That could be using the stairs instead of the elevator, parking in the back of the parking lot, or taking a yoga class at the local gym. BALANCE is the key with loving your body. I believe that if I feed my body well and give my body a release of toxins through exercise, I will be overall a very happy person. 

Don't get me wrong - you will still catch me eating Oreos dunked in peanut butter. I love Chick-fa-la waffle fries, all forms of chocolate, and wine. But, I strive to eat in moderation and let my body have what its craving. 

I hope you can find some delicious recipes that will make you feel good about yourself and feed your body with nutritional goodness!

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