Monday, February 28, 2011

Tired Puppy

Just got back from running stadium steps! I did more than Thursday! 10 times totally 440 steps! Now I am as tired as Bluto was after the farmers market.

Going to rest up before lab today at 4! So proud of myself for working out...and boy did it feel good! Can't wait for tomorrow :)

Stadiums = Hard Work!

So the healthy lifestyle movement continues....with stadium steps. Oh boy were they tough! Rima, her little Jessa, and I took on the Doak Campbell Challenge. 80 steps high we ran up 4 times! I know 4 doesn't sound like a high number, but oh did we feel the burn! We ran a total of 369 steps! Now, 3 days later...I feel the burn. But, the funny thing is...I am taking on the challenge again today! Goal is to do 5 stadiums!
I also have kept up with the walking goal. Walked to work today instead of driving! I also skipped the coffee this morning so we will see how that goes.
This week is surprisingly pretty simple compared to my normal weeks! Only one exam! Woohoo!
I also updated my blog background! Do you like :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Food Logging

So I decided that I was going to log everything I eat in a day for a week (starting yesterday). I have been having a problem where I have been noticing I am not getting a balanced diet. Tuesday we had a speaker from Thargard Health Center came and talked to my sorority about healthy eating habits. Healthy Lifestyles are so important to me, I read food blogs all day and my major is Exercise Science, so I knew that I needed to change how I was eating.

Wednesday 2/23:

Breakfast - Coffee (2 creamer and a sweeten low), Honey Nut Cheerio's with 2% milk
Lunch - small side salad, 1/2 grilled cheese, and 1/2 baked potato
Dinner - Chicken pot pie

When I wrote down what I ate on Wednesday I noticed I was missing greens and dairy from my diet. I really want to incorporate whole grains, fruits, veggies, and dairy into my diet but it is really difficult living in a sorority house. Meals are not necessarily the healthiest and usually are centered around carbs (not the healthy kind). So my mission is to sort through my meals and find a balanced diet.

I also am starting a workout plan...well walking plan that is. Baby steps. Baby steps. Today I am going to do stadium steps with my friend Rima at Doak Campbell Stadium after classes. Goal is to walk up and down 180 steps at least 10 times.

Well, just off work! I will keep you updated on today!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

St. George Island :)

St. George Island is about 90 minutes from Tallahassee and provides the perfect getaway from a terribly stressful week. Last week I had: 4 homework assignments, 2 lab reports, 3 exams, and worked everyday at 7:45 am. On a normal week I would be able to handle a load like this...except....this week was much different, I was sleep deprived from Dance Marathon that occurred over Valentine's Day weekend. It was one of the best experiences of my life but super exhausting.

The weather in Tallahassee is different every day of the week but this week we have been graciously given the best weather ever. Highs of 75 with cooling winds. Perfect beach weather. So Amanda, Kelsey, Ben, and I packed up the car and headed to the gulf coast.
It was beautiful weather and an amazing drive. When we finally reached the beach we were all so hungry so we decided to eat at the Blue Parrot. My friend Carrie recommended we eat there and I am so glad she did! We sat outside on the patio with all the other beach-goers. The menu was filled with fresh fish and seafood. I couldn't resist ordering the Grouper Sandwich. I was lightly fried and the fish fell apart when you bit into the sandwich.

It was a perfect day out on the water! We got to relax and soak up some much needed rays.

This week is going to be jam packed just like last week.

Tomorrow's agenda: Study, Study, Study! I have a huge Exercise Physiology exam on Thursday!

I am so happy to be blogging again! Happy Weekend :)

A Beach Day Getaway leads to a blogging return!

I must apologize for being away for a long period of time. Living in my sorority house doesn't allow me to fully take advantage of my passion for cooking....which leaves my blog recipe-less and lonely.

I still haven't changed too much since summer though. I probably have over 1,000 recipes saved on my computer and that list keeps growing everyday. Tastespotting is my weakness at work because EVERYTHING looks amazing and I save every recipe that looks appealing to me! It makes me want to run to my "imaginary" kitchen and cook up a storm. I cannot wait until the summer, I will be living with my friend Jen and Rima! We all share a crazy obsession and passion for good food and wine. Can you say dinner parties galore? Yes.

So I have decided that I would alter the purpose of this blog until I can turn up the heat in the kitchen. Now don't get me wrong, this blog will still be FILLED with food, wine, and recipes but in a much different fashion than I originally intended. There will be personal posts, restaurant critiques, food pictures, and many more. Get excited :)

Well the reason for the return to blogging is probably from inspiration from a couple of blogs I follow and check at least 3 times a day: Eat, Live, Run , Kath Eats Real Food, and Healthy Tipping Point. These woman truly inspire me to express myself and follow my passion for food and health. Right now in particular I am going through a slump. This is my second year living in my sorority house and the "freshman fifteen" has now turned into the "junior twenty"... not fun. I have always been an active person but this year I can count on my hand how many times I've hit the gym. That is not a good sign. I am looking for motivation but I get discouraged when my sorority house feeds us preservative carbohydrate packed meals everyday. I know excuses will not make me healthier...and it didn't really hit me till today when I was at the beach with a couple of girlfriends that I needed to start getting healthy NOW. I need to do it for my health: mentally and physically. I can feel my stress level reaching its maximum with classes, work, sorority, family and the boyfriend. My plate is completely full and in order to be able to handle my load I need to be healthy.

My goal is not to lose weight as fast as I can or go on a strict diet. My goal is start a path of a healthy lifestyle. I need to find time to relieve stress while giving my body the much needed physical attention it needs and deserves. I really believe with this attitude I will be a much happier and healthier person.

I love blogging and can't wait to get back to it :)