Monday, February 28, 2011

Stadiums = Hard Work!

So the healthy lifestyle movement continues....with stadium steps. Oh boy were they tough! Rima, her little Jessa, and I took on the Doak Campbell Challenge. 80 steps high we ran up 4 times! I know 4 doesn't sound like a high number, but oh did we feel the burn! We ran a total of 369 steps! Now, 3 days later...I feel the burn. But, the funny thing is...I am taking on the challenge again today! Goal is to do 5 stadiums!
I also have kept up with the walking goal. Walked to work today instead of driving! I also skipped the coffee this morning so we will see how that goes.
This week is surprisingly pretty simple compared to my normal weeks! Only one exam! Woohoo!
I also updated my blog background! Do you like :)


  1. Haha believe me Anna...slow and steady wins the race! Way better than making the trip to the gym on campus!