I grew up in a family that valued faith. I was raised in a household that regularly attended our local catholic church, attended sunday school, and believed in God. I always wanted to find my own relationship with God. I searched and searched for that full feeling of God everyone talked about. I attended every catholic church in Tallahassee but none of them seemed to speak to me. Just when I was about to give up, my coworker and one of my best friends, Keely, started to talk to me about her journey and relationship with her faith. It inspired me to really look deeper into what I believed spiritually. She invited me to attend her local non denominational church in town. I loved it. I loved the feeling I felt in the church and I loved how everyone had a positive and realistic view of faith. I attended the church a few times before I graduated in the Spring. For graduation Keely gave me the best gift I would ever receive - a bible. I have never been familiar with reading the bible besides the readings and gospel at mass on Sundays. After I graduated I decided to try an online bible study called She Reads Truth to help guide me and introduce me to reading the bible. It is a social networking community that participates in reading plans based off You Version. The one that really spoke to me was Soul Detox. It was all based on cleansing your soul and finding your faith in God to lead you in the right direction. It was exactly the full feeling I was searching for. After reading the plan I learned to trust in God and use my faith to make me feel fearless when I was the most uncertain and scared about my future. 

I by no means do I think that reading the bible or identifying with a specific religion is for everyone. But I believe that faith can take you very far in life. It can be that warm feeling at night, that light at the end of the tunnel, or the knowing you are going in the right direction even though you may feel lost. Find your relationship with God. I feel like it comes around for everyone at different times. I feel so much closer with my relationship with God and my faith then ever before. Don't give up - He will come into your life when its time. 

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