Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Best Kind Of Medicine

So, there must be something going around. Everyone is getting sick. I am just now recovering from some sort of virus. Let me tell was not fun. I had to take off school yesterday. I slept ALL day. I literally was up for maybe 3 hours. Today I feel about a million times better. I am not back to my happy healthy self yet but I am on my way to getting much better!

As you know, my best friend Rima is in London doing an internship at a local gallery. She is doing great things and they have their opening tonight! Cross your fingers for her!!

I was laying in bed and heard a "ding" on my blackberry. I look and see an email that says "a little surprise" from Rima. I open it up to find this:

I love that she shares her adventures with me. I have never been out of the country besides Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, and Bahamas. Europe fascinates me. I definitely live vicariously through Rima. It means so much to me that she thinks of me during this amazing trips. Atlantic Ocean? Lets make Sim a video! I just love her so much.

Photo Jen took while Skyping Rima at Stonehedge!!

Here is a little background story: Last winter break, I went over to Rima's house and we sat on her couches outside with mulled wine and comfy blankets. We sat all cuddled up and had some future talks. I had decided what grad school I was going to and she was waiting to hear back about her placement in London. We started talking about our 5 year plans. Everything felt so natural and easy when we were talking about it was meant to be. Then, a shooting star flew over us. It was awesome. I feel that our 5 year plans are starting to become a reality. Rima is in London, I am in North Carolina. We know we are going to come together again sometime soon but our paths are surprisingly pretty close to how we imagined them. Now, Rim get that dream job and the Loft. I will meet you in London. I am so proud of you. Keep doing great things! I know it will all work out in the end.

Can't wait for the real deal. Big Ben here we come :) 

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