Friday, September 7, 2012

{blog world} Fill in the Blank Friday!

1.  My favorite grade in school was   senior year of undergrad. Senior year is the year where you get more into your major. I took classes that really interested me and got me excited to learn.

2.  My favorite teacher was  Mrs. Williams at Tampa Preparatory School  because,  she was so passionate about teaching and wanted her students to learn and be passionate about learning.

3.  The highest level of education I have completed is    a Bachelor's of science degree in Exercise Science at Florida State University. I am currently attending Wingate School of Pharmacy to get my Doctorate.

4. School lunches for me were usually    homemade and usually consisted of leftovers. When I was little my mom would write messages on my napkins or include post it with love sayings. 

5. The amount of money you'd have to pay me to go back to high school would be  any price. I really enjoyed my high school because it was a small private preparatory school. I didn't have the typical rebellious or hard high school that everyone talks about. However, I was a bit awkward. 

6. A few things that will always remind me of going back to school are:  cute lunch boxes and school supplies all over Walmart

7.  The first day of school was always  looked forward to! I would get so excited to meet all my new professors and see who was in my classes. It is also nice because the first day is all about going over the syllabus and talking about how the classes work. So no actual school work! 

Have a great weekend!

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