Thursday, September 6, 2012

{knowledge} HealthQuest

I recently volunteered at a non-profit pharmacy in Monroe, NC called HealthQuest. I was excited to volunteer because I love helping people in the local community and I was excited to get my feet wet in a pharmacy since I have never worked in one before.

HealthQuest helps people without prescription insurance or cannot afford their prescriptions and provides them with monthly medications at a low fee. They recently celebrated passing the $50 million mark in the value of medicines that they have distributed.

HealthQuest works with Wingate School of Pharmacy to staff the pharmacy during dispensing hours. This is when patients can come and get their prescriptions.

I think this is a fantastic program and keeps people in the community healthy and out of the hospital.

I met a lot of very friendly and inspiring pharmacists, technicians, and staff who volunteer their time every week to help their local community.

If you would like to volunteer or donate visit their website, mail donations to: Health Quest, (415 E. Franklin St. Monroe, NC), or call (704) 226-2050. Volunteers and donations are crucial in keeping the doors open. It was a great experience and cannot wait to volunteer again!

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