Friday, August 24, 2012

{mind} Homesick

Whenever you begin something new, there is always the feeling of fear and nervousness that accompanies the transition. It can hit you at any time. Some people experience it before the move, during the move, a week into the new journey, or a while after. During undergrad, I wasn't homesick until the second semester of my freshman year. I was so busy with rushing Phi Mu, starting classes, moving in, and meeting new people that I didn't feel lonely or sad until things slowed down. This year has been a little different.

2012 - you have been really tough. Challenging me to think ahead, push my limits, move me across the country...three times, say goodbye to friends, grow up, and much more.

I have really enjoyed the transition to North Carolina. I love it here. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. I love the weather, environment, city, people, and school. But, homesick hit hard this week. I started to think about all my friends going in their own directions, not being at recruitment, starting over completely, making new friends, and missing my family.

Homesickness is there to remind us that we aren't alone. When I was feeling down this morning I called my friend Rima - who instantly made me forget about being sad after telling me funny stories and reminding me that she is always a phone call, text, or skype away. She instantly made me feel full after only a five minute conversation. Distance means nothing when you have amazing friends and family. After a few hours, the lonely feelings started coming back. During break I checked my facebook to see that Jen wrote me a message. I start chatting with her and told her how I was feeling a bit beat up today and this is what she sends me:

That feeling you get when you tell yourself things will be better tomorrow and you actually believe it.
That feeling you get when you tell yourself things will be better tomorrow and you actually believe it.

She literally knows me too well. I died laughing. This website is filled with funny pick me ups. Moral of the story : whenever you are feeling beat up, lonely, or sad - call/text/message one of your friends, they are guaranteed to make you feel better and not so far away. 

I know that I will start making friends and making my own here in NC but I will always have my amazing group of friends with me wherever I go. And that is something I am so thankful for! 

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