Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hall Pass

Yesterday was a very busy day! I worked in the morning, had class all day, then went and saw Hall Pass with the boyfriend.

I did a lot of walking yesterday! Here is the breakdown:
- 7 minutes to work
- 2 hour walking tour of campus
- 7 minutes back to the house
- 15 minutes walk to classes
- 7 minutes to stadium
- 30 minutes of stadiums (8 = 360 steps)
- 7 minutes to house
Total = 193 minutes of walking!

Hall pass was a pretty good movie! It was really funny but not plot I thought it was going to take. But I would definitely go see it if you were considering it! You won't be disappointed!

Today I get a another G-Little! I am so excited! It is the first time in 4 generations of the dirty south family to take twins! The last person to do that was our matriarch Paige! I am so excited to extend the baby kitty family :) Tonight is the reveal!

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday! Spring break is only 2 days away!


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