Friday, May 14, 2010

First Blog!

Hi Everyone,

So I am a little late jumping on the Blog Bandwagon. I made a few blogs in my English class during my Freshman year but never really continued it. My best friend Rima made a blog of her semester studying abroad in Rome and my other best foodie friend Jen just created her own food blog too! I knew I had to try it.
I spend HOURS online checking out different food blogs. I usually use sites like tastespotting or foodgawker that incorporate photography and food (two of my favorite things). I usually browse through the different blogs and copy and paste it into an email. I am writing a recipe book!
I am excited for this summer because I am living in an apartment with my best friend Sophie! Best part -- there is a kitchen! I usually live in my sorority house where I anxiously wait outside the kitchen door promptly at 6:00 pm for dinner. I relied on our cook John to hit my foodie appetite but it didn't seem to work. Now, I have all summer to come up with some awesome recipes and experiences cooking in my OWN kitchen. Goal for the summer is to experiment and experience new foods with my friends. Dinner parties and gatherings will be a summer ritual! I hope you enjoy my blog! I know I am going to enjoy writing it!

--Amanda :)

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  1. yay!!! I'm so excited for our blog adventures haha love you!!!